The fastest internet connection in Sri Lanka – SLT fibre PROS & CONS

Most of are talking about internet connection speed in Sri Lanka these days but non of service providers can support the huge load during peak hours due to the high demand of internet. The reason behind is most of users use internet to do the office/school/university/government works from home during the covid19 situation and the providers does not have enough infrastructure facilities to support on this. Its better to have two internet connection with two deferent providers to face the situation In Sri Lanka :). I hope SLT fibre is fastest internet connection in Sri Lanka for now.

I am also struggled to connect to my office calls/works during the pandemic time because of the connection issues. Recently I have moved to SLT fibre connection and I need to let you know that this is the best and fastest home internet connection in Sri Lanka for now.

I have attached a screen shot of my SLT fibre connection in the below. As they mentioned its nearly 100 Mbps download

How to apply ?

You can call 1212 and request a connection. Please check there fibre coverage map before request . The connection fee is 12500 LKR for a new connection and you will have a PEO TV + Land Telephone Number + HUWAWIE fibre wifi router with this. You can also upgrade your existing ADSL line to fibre as well.

click to view the connection fees

How Long ?

It may depend in my case it took 7-8 days to get me the connection

What Is the process ?

  1. need to call 1212 and request the connection
  2. agent will call you and ask more details
  3. you need to provide (WhatsApp) ID copied and address details
  4. after verification they will create an account and ask to deposit payment
  5. you can pay online or any other payment methods
  6. after settle the payment you need to send payment proof to the agent using there whatsapp numbers
  7. agent will come to wiring the line one day and set the router in other day
  8. for the PEO TV deferent agent will reach you


  • Fast internet connection
  • they provide a good service
  • router has 4 network ports and 2 telephone line pots


  • telephone is connected to the router and when the power gone the land telephone line also not working (need a power backup)
  • its a wired connection and if the wire break in the middle your connection will lost . In sri lanka there are lots of monkeys they run on these wires :). and there do some infra upgrades time to time and some time the connection may drop during the time
  • initial connection fee is high
  • customer care is sometimes worse

How to change SLT fibre huawei router wifi password

this is most similar with other providers

1 . login to your router using the below IP (make sure you connect using a network cabal)

2. initial login screen type user / user for user name and password

3. be care full on this screen please provide the user name and password provided by the SLT . probably you will get a SMS regarding . do not type wrong username or password your configuration can be change and internet also may not working after(please call 1212 and confirm these details if you not sure)

4 WIFI SSID is the name that will appear in your wifi search , give a strong password and click next , then apply , your router will restart shortly and the changes will apply after.

How to check the wifi password

after login click on top right detail setup option and click WLAN menu in the top and uncheck the hide option . see the below screen for more..

How to check the SLT fibre broadband data usage ?

You can download the SLT broadband app on your mobile and check the data balance call 1212 and register for new account they will provide the username and password for you

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